Slander Hurts Everybody


“Actions speak louder than words, and are more to be regarded.” ~ Melancholy State of Province by Elyse Bruce

As a multi-generational family owned business, we believe that we have proven with our actions through our various community projects, that we are passionate about helping to improve the communities we conduct business in. Our mission and social purpose is to connect people with what they want and need in the real world and online. We have seen time and time again the amazing things an empowered community of individuals can accomplish when working toward a common goal.

That is why we were surprised when a very reliable and trustworthy source brought it to our attention that there are slanderous rumors circulating throughout the community about the Synergy Ninjas and our various community focused projects.

So what exactly is slander?

Slan·der (noun)

1. The action or crime of making a false spoken statement damaging to a person or business's reputation that the individual who spreads it knows are false.

2. Slander is a lie that is told to other people about a person to hurt them or their business.

Business bullies slander everyone!

“It’s become quite obvious that bullying is not just a kids’ issue... Adults in both the corporate and entrepreneurial world have run-ins with mistreatment, harassment, and intimidation every day.  For some, it’s become just another part of doing business.” ~ Paige Arnof-Fenn, Forbes

We were having a conversation with another business owner after finding out about a particularly upsetting lie that was spread about the Synergy Ninjas. The other business owner commiserated with us that they also had been slandered by other businesses in the community. In spite of the fact that this business gives 100% of their profit to fund their granddaughter’s cancer treatment, a competitor was trying to put them out of business with slander. This really opened our eyes to how widespread of an issue this is.

It was at this point, we realized that these business bullies are hurting our community in deeper ways than we ever imagined, and this is just not acceptable. We are not the only ones who are being affected, and we decided it is time to take a stand, not just for us, but for all of us!

Our Story

Our story started when word got back to us that one of the owners of a local restaurant was actively slandering us. We were very shocked to hear this as we were working with the owners on their marketing and provided copious amounts of consulting on various aspects of their business start-up. When we confronted him about this, he confessed that he had slandered us to manipulate other companies into giving him discounted services.

Rather than take him to court, we decided it best to just part ways with them and have him sign an admittance where he agreed to contact all of the people who he had told the slander to and testify in court that he had lied if need be. He claims he followed through on contacting everyone yet the people he told his lies to started spreading the slander like wildfire.

We have proof that the owner of a local online business directory franchise began proactively spreading his own greatly exaggerated version of the slander in what we believed was an effort to take advantage of the situation in order to get more clients. After his business had failed, we believed that the slander would end. This same person eventually gained several positions of authority and leadership in our community.

Years later, we received a phone call from the owner of a startup computer repair and internet marketing company that worked directly with the individual who was now in leadership. They told us the name of the individual who told him that we were an unethical business, and together they were going to actively poach our clients with the aim of putting us out of business. This owner even went as far as offering to purchase our business before he attempted to steal all of our clients. We politely declined to sell. In the end, the person who called us ended up closing their doors.

The most recent slander we have on record occurred during a meeting that many leaders in Skagit attended. When an active community supporter overheard someone slandering us, they asked whether they had even worked with us. They said no. Our source pointed out that spreading slander about a company that you have not worked with in front of community leaders is not appropriate. Our source then inquired as where they had heard this lie, tracked down where it had come from, and the only way that this person would explain the lie that was being said about us was if he was assured that his name would never be given to us. They admitted that they had never worked with us either.

If you have been told rumors by anyone regarding the Synergy Ninjas or any of the community-centric projects like or, please email us with where the slander occurred and who the source was. We would appreciate it if more people were brave enough to go on record about whom and what has been said to them.

Stand together to make a difference

We have been in business for over 15 years now and are well aware that these “business bullies” exist. Slander is very damaging and is a business bully’s weapon of choice.

We also understand full well how intimidating standing up against business bullies can be. Together, by telling the truth, choosing to confirm rumors we hear and informing other business of what is being said about them, we can make a positive difference in our community. The time has come to stand together, share our experiences, various solutions, and remedies to stop business bullies! It is then and only then that we can start working towards a world with #NoMoreBusinessBullies!

“If not you, who? If not now, when?” ~ Hillel the Elder

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