We Are Your Local Foodie Ambassadors


We promote your yummy dishes & delicious drinks with the goal of building brand awareness and getting more people through your doors. We take professional photos of your menu items and share them with your potential customers who are reading our magazine, browsing social media or searching online.

Multi-Platform Marketing

Yummy Alert & NW.Life Magazines - These coffee-table style magazines are given premium placement inside local waiting rooms and lobbies where people will be sitting and wanting to read about what you provide. We make it easier for local foodies to act on the information in our magazines, and eat what you're cooking up.

Yummy Alert & Yummy Drink Adventuress Social Networks - We have an active community of over 20,000 + Skagit Foodies on all of our social networks.

YummyAlert.com - Hungry foodies can find your delicious food, add your restaurant to their wish list, and plan their next foodie adventure on our website.

Learn more at https://yummyalert.com/businesscorner

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